Sim-cM: Raw Data Files – FIRs

See the blog post about FIRs shared between relatives here for more details.

Text files are available from the links below for Fully Identical Regions (FIRs) in a subset of Sim-cM relationships. For text files with total shared DNA for all relationships simulated to date see here. You are welcome to use this data for other purposes, but if you do, please acknowledge Erin Hill-Burns and Sim-cM.

Each tab-delimited .txt file contains one row for each of the 10,000 simulated pedigrees, with summary statistics for the pair of relatives compared in each, including the following columns:

  • Rep = replicate number (between 1 and 10,000)
  • SegTotal = Total amount of shared DNA (in cM) (all FIRs)
  • SegCount = Number of segments of DNA shared (all FIRs)
  • SegMax = Size (in cM) of the largest segment of DNA shared (all FIRs)
  • SegTotal_7cM = Total amount of shared DNA (in cM) (FIRs < 7cM EXCLUDED)
  • SegCount_7cM = Number of segments shared (FIRs < 7cM EXCLUDED)
  • SegMax_7cM = Size (in cM) of the largest segment shared (FIRs < 7cM EXCLUDED)

Text files: